WorkSpan Oct '22 Releases - v163.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Company page UI enhancements. The User Interface (UI) of your company page on WorkSpan (WS) has been upgraded significantly. The amendments include - a revamped company page with a company URL, a larger font size of the company description to enhance readability, and improved button text for objects on an individual partner program/plan card. Each of these enhancements will make it easier to work with objects creating a more consistent experience for you and your users.


  • Easy scrolling in Alerts on the Homepage. Get to view large content in a more digestible format as you can now infinitely scroll through “chunks” of information in Alerts which keeps refreshing itself when you scroll down. 


  • New placement for “Deals”. Grow your WorkSpan network as you continue to close more and more deals. The all-in-one hamburger menu now lists “Deals” in the “Network” section allowing you to quickly access these most useful tabs and ease your navigation.


  • Compare before you go further. Validation rules are used to restrict unnecessary data inputs and create objects (say Opportunity) easily. You can now customize our built-in “Create object” form by adding validation rules to compare a field on the object overview page against a metric. With that being said, you can create an Opportunity only when the entered field value is less than the metric value.

    Below is an example for “Create Opportunity”, where the funds available for the chosen metric “Tech AB Marketing Funds Allocation” is  1200. Now, the “Deal Amount” based on this Allocation Metric - “Min” value should be either greater than 1200 or “Max” value should be less than 1200 to proceed with the next steps.


  • Tracking action button usage. Automated action buttons (Call-to-Action) can be created and triggered at any point in time in WorkSpan.  Making it more powerful, you can now capture who clicked on a particular action button (e.g., Lead) to update other fields and take further actions accordingly.

Example: Four partner users can add a Proof of Concept (PoC) document for a “Lead”. Now, you can record the name of the exact partner user who added the PoC so that you can incentivize them instead of everyone.

  • Conditional constraints for date fields. Constraints are used to prevent invalid data and get the desired output. Having said that, you can now configure action buttons by putting constraints on the date type fields such that their visibility is restricted. For example: Show the action button only when Date A > Date B.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues related to the report download link neither appearing on the UI nor sent in the email to download the file. 
  • Adding a default value to a field in the MOU object resulted in an error. This has been resolved.
  • Inconsistency in the project’s data and integration data got introduced due to the sanitization of rich text fields. 
  • The staging table UI elements that were broken are now fixed and displayed properly as per the column width.
  • The partner field values added with a comma operator in Company Picklist were getting separated while creating a new object with that field value. This bug has been fixed.
  • Addressed some UI inconsistencies to improve the quality of your interaction and how you perceive the product instantly providing a great in-product experience.
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