Outbound Integration - Sending data from WorkSpan


What is Outbound Integration?

As the name indicates, outbound refers to ‘outgoing’ which enables data to flow from WorkSpan to the CRM applications - SFDC, Dynamics 365, etc. With outbound integration in place, WorkSpan ensures that the data gets automatically synchronized and populated into the client’s CRM application, thus discarding the need to update manually every time an update occurs.

Outbound Integration Flow


  • Collaboration and Object Events, for e.g., Opportunities, Tasks, etc. are passed to Middleware / iPaaS integration solutions via a connector.
  • Middleware / iPaaS - WebMethods transfers data to CRM applications - SFDC, Dynamics 365, etc. seamlessly.

Outbound Integration Setup

1. Navigate to Menu Integrations and add integration of type “Outbound Integration”.


2. Select ‘Integration Type’ and specify an object and frequency details for the integration.


Note: Integration types have two models:
1. Object-Based
2. Report-Based

3. Select the template to select the Object Schema and click ‘Next’.


 4. Share the integration with other users for editing and usage purposes.


5. View the created Integration in a summary view.

6. ‘Edit’ the integration to change integration parameters.

7. Click on the ‘History’ Tab to view the different events that execute.

8. View the schema and changes to the schema using the schema tab.

9. Run Integration on demand using the ‘Run Integration’ action.

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