WorkSpan Nov '22 Releases - v164.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Ability to bulk upload data from the table view. WorkSpan has added the flexibility to add data to WorkSpan from multiple sources. It allows bulk upload of data (e.g., Opportunities) using xlsx, json and csv files directly from the table view. Additionally, you can “Download” the sample file (template) to refer to before uploading data to the platform. It is an efficient way to import data in bulk, thereby saving time. All the partner members involved (let’s say in a plan) get access to all the newly uploaded opportunities.


  • Enhanced metrics on the overview page. Boost your WorkSpan overview page to show more analytics to drive meaningful actions. You can now add calculated metrics on the overview page by mathematical calculations of your partner ecosystem data for quick and easy reference. 

Take a look at this simple calculated metrics example (refer image below): 

You have two existing metrics on the overview page namely “Total Allocations” and “Total Usage”. 

You can click on the “+” icon on the metric card to add the metric formula to calculate the value of “MVF Available Budget” (sample field name) = “Total Allocations” - “Total Usage”  and the output is displayed against the metric “MVF Available Budget” on the overview page. 


  • Simplified bulk upload data in WorkSpan. With this enhancement, you neither have to create opportunities manually nor have to go to the “Integrations” section separately. You can now configure an action button (on the object overview page) with access to only a specific set of people. The button enables you to upload files instantly.


  • Apply multiple business logic to get results. Achieve desired outcomes as you add different formulas (business rules) on aliases of a measure. You can display the chart based on selected data (e.g., Measure). The functionality allows you to add “Measure type (Avg, count, sum, max, min)”, “Measure (Column Name),” and aliases for each field value to identify these values on the chart UI quickly. It helps in avoiding confusion between different names and brings clarity. 


  • Simplified object creation. Creating multiple objects of the same type (e.g., only Requests) or different types (e.g., Activity, Requests, etc.) in one flow now becomes easier. For example, you can add one or more "Requests" after creating an "Activity" from the "Sales Plan" overview page & get all the Requests linked to the same Activity (Check image below). It simplifies site navigation with an organized and connected approach. You can control each and every action while being on the same page (e.g., Sales Plan).


  • Renaming “Activity Log” to “Change Log”. This section in the overview page of an object (e.g. Sales Plan / Opportunity / Activity etc.) records all the notable changes amended to date. The enhancement intends to resolve the name conflict with “Activity”, a different standalone object in the WS platform.


  • Easy to access charts on your CRM. WorkSpan has developed a “Report API” that can be used to retrieve Chart Data and display it in any CRM irrespective of whether they are logged in to the WS platform or not. With this new feature, partner users’ will get direct access to charts within their own CRM without ever visiting the WorkSpan platform. To know more, click here: WorkSpan Report API.

*To set it up, contact WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

Bug Fixes

  • The “Solutions” tab under a Sales Plan showed the count (let’s say ‘3’). However, on clicking the tab, no records were displayed. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed bugs related to the newly created view in the Table View not being displayed after refreshing the page. Now, you can create and update a view where saved filter updates are visible even after a hard refresh. The updated views are reflected properly in the shared members' accounts.
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