WorkSpan Salesforce App V.1.6 Releases


New Features and Enhancements

  • Automated referral creation. It is now possible to auto-create Referrals with a Flow. This enhancement enables you to set certain criteria to create referrals automatically whenever an opportunity meets all the criteria.


  • Creating referrals in bulk. It is now possible to create Referrals in bulk by selecting all the opportunities at once and clicking on the “Create Referral” button thereby saving your time.


  • New flow of submitting “Outgoing Referrals”. The referral information page is now configured with a “Submit Referral” button for you to quickly review and submit the referral instantly. 


  • New flow of accepting and declining “Incoming Referrals” from MPC. The updated flow of incoming referrals from MPC simplifies your accepting and declining processes with minimal actions to be taken on a referral. It allows you to input and verify all the required information before accepting or declining a referral coming from Microsoft.


  • New integration status tracking for AWS and MPC use cases. The recent enhancement will allow you to auto-sync with AWS and MPC systems in regular intervals; track and update referral integration status for AWS and MPC use cases respectively in the WS SFDC app. 


  • Opportunity ID is now in plain sight on the Referral Information layout. Earlier, only Opportunity Name was visible on the overview page. In the latest release, we have configured ‘Opportunity ID’ as well which is a unique value for every opportunity and can help you in easy identification of the object.


  • Default Value for Large Text Fields. Define a literal default value as a long rich text with line breaks (see the details here). Now you can upload a rich text file and  append ‘$Resource.’ to the Name of the file. For e.g. if the filename is “DefaultReferralDescription”, then put “$Resource.DefaultReferralDescription” that reference name in the ‘Field Mapping’ tab. 


  • Ability to add specific value for fields. The new SFDC app version allows you (WS Admin, WSA) to set default values for Currency, Number, and Percent fields so as to automatically populate the values in fields. You can use any special characters (including more double quotes) inside the enclosing double quotes or a number without quotes. The app will just take off the very first and the very last double-quote, and treat everything in-between as a literal value. E.g. if you put in “William “Bill” Doe”, then the default value will be William “Bill” Doe. 


  • Custom Report Building: Opportunities with Referrals. The new report type lets you create reports for opportunity objects and the referrals associated with the opportunities. This all-in-one reporting solution gives you the flexibility to not only create reports on the opportunity objects but also the referral objects associated with these opportunities.


  • Incorporated AWS ACE changes. In May '22, AWS ACE team updated their system with a new field ‘Closed Lost’. The WS SFDC app is now updated with this field too. So, whenever AWS marks the Referral as ‘Closed Lost’, it syncs with the WS SFDC app and the value gets populated in the ‘Closed Lost Reason’ field. There are changes in picklist values of Country and Industry 
  • “Referral Type” and “Referral Status” badges UI enhancement. We have improved the UI quality of the Referral Type and Referral Status badges for better visibility and efficient interaction.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed errors arising due to field validations. Most field validations are now skipped if Referral is created in WorkSpan and Ready For Submit = ‘No’. However, you can turn it on anytime to auto-submit referrals. It is recommended to disable this functionality in order to avoid submitting referrals right away without further review which may comprise missing/incorrect data.
  • Removed the dependency on the “Enhanced email” feature. The “Enhanced Email” feature saves emails as EmailMessage records instead of Task records.
  • No extra effort to fill in the “Field Mapping” field. If you leave the “Field Mapping” blank (regardless of multi-currency being enabled or disabled) for “Deal Size Currency” and “Forecast Value Currency” fields, then by default the currency will be the same as your company’s Corporate Currency.
  • Added validations around different values of “Help Needed from Microsoft” field value. We have aligned the value for “Help Needed from Microsoft” with Microsoft to prevent errors that were popping up due to allowing changes to this value post-submission of referral. However, with this release, this value can ONLY be changed if the value selected in the submitted referral is “No help needed”. Any other value except this one is not changeable post-submission. 
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