WorkSpan Salesforce App V.1.7 Releases


New Features and Enhancements

  • New “Flow” to specify default field values while creating an opportunity from an incoming referral.  “Create an opportunity” from referral now has a new flow to map default field values. This will allow you to customize the process of creating Opportunities from Incoming Referrals by specifying exactly how each Opportunity field should be pre-populated. Additionally, you can choose to pre-populate either with Referral field values/constants/variables that you create inside the Flow. 


  • Direct access to a Referral’s detailed view from the Opportunity. No need to go to referrals every time when you are already on the Opportunity page. The opportunity page is now designed to improve accessibility and easily connect you to all the referrals from a single place. 


  • Restricted ‘Delete’ referral action to only users with WorkSpan Admin permission. To avoid unwanted deletion of referrals by any user, the access to “Delete” function has been restricted. Now, only a specific set of users like WorkSpan Admin (WSA) is granted permission to “Delete” Referrals out of the box.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue related to Referral field values being overridden in some cases (for e.g., when a referral was linked to an opportunity). 
  • Improved the user experience by removing the “Discontinue” action button from the “Referral” overview page. Referrals that were marked as discontinued in the past will remain unchanged.

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