Requesting Endorsements


An endorsement acts as a positive vote for a campaign, program, solution or sales plan. 

For example, more endorsements from your colleagues can ease ensuring funds for your campaigns.

If you like an object, you can endorse by clicking Endorse in the Endorsement section.  

You can optionally enter comments too.

You can also request for endorsements.

To Request Endorsements:

  1. Go to the object for which you want an endorsement.
  2. Go to the Endorsement section. Click Request Endorsement button. Request Endorsement screen opens.

  3. Enter name(s) of people that you want to send a message to endorse your campaign.
  4. A default message is added. You can optionally enter more details or change the message content.
  5. Click Send.

To submit an endorsement, a person must be a member (at least a participant) of an object in WorkSpan.

 Note: You can also edit or remove endorsements.


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