Overview of the Solutions App


WorkSpan's Joint Solutions App is where you can work with your partners to create a joint offering that you'll together sell in the market.

With WorkSpan’s Joint Solutions App, you can define, package and launch joint solutions with ease.

You can also define metrics for assessing the value, seek common parameters with partners, and measure the performance of your joint solutions via up to date reports.


A joint solution is created to solve a customer’s business problem. It can include applications, infrastructure, business & IT implementation services, support, etc.  

With WorkSpan’s Joint Solutions App, you can:

  • Plan, create, publish and share joint solutions with ease.
  • Track opportunities and sales of joint solutions.
  • Report and analyze performance of your joint solutions by partner, industry, geo and other criteria.
  • View and search all solutions or further refine the search by an access level-Owner, Collaborator, Participant or Viewer.
  • Toggle between a card view and a table view. In the table view, you can:
    • Export in a CSV format
    • Select columns for your solutions reports
    • Select metrics to view goals and results
    • Create and save a view

On the Solutions Landing page, you can also view solutions in the following categories:

My Solutions: Solutions created by you and accepted by you via an invite.

Shared With Me: Solutions that have been shared with you but you have not yet accepted an invite to.

Shared With <Company Name>: Solutions shared (made discoverable) with your company.

Archived Solutions: Solutions that you have participated in, that have been archived.

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