Overview of the Solutions App


WorkSpan's Joint Solutions App is where you can work with your partners to create a joint offering that you'll together take-to-market.

You can create a joint solution to solve your customer’s business problem.  Solutions can include applications, infrastructure, business & IT implementation services, support, etc.  

You can also define metrics for assessing the value, seek common parameters with partners, and measure the performance of your joint solutions via up to date reports.

Navigation: Home >Joint Solutions >Solutions (see Navigating to the Solutions App)


On the Solutions Landing page, you can view all your solutions in the following categories:

  • My Solutions: Solutions created by you and accepted by you via an invite.
  • My Invites: Solutions that you have been invited to (shared with you) but you have not yet accepted an invite to.
  • Discover and Join: Solutions shared (made discoverable) with your company.
  • Archived Solutions: Solutions that you have participated in, that have been archived.

In WorkSpan’s Joint Solutions App, you can:

  • Plan, create, publish and share joint solutions with ease.
  • Track opportunities and sale of joint solutions.
  • Take assessments.
  • View and search all solutions or further refine the search by access level-Owner, Collaborator, Participant or Viewer.
  • Toggle between a card view and a table view for your solutions. In the table view, you can:
    • Export in a CSV format
    • Select columns for your solutions reports
    • Select metrics to view goals and results
    • Create and save a view
  • Report and analyze performance of your joint solutions by partner, industry, geo and other criteria. 

Also See:

Adding a Solution

You can create joint solutions with your partners to coordinate, contribute, review, approve, and release new solutions to market . See Adding a Solution

Setting Up Metrics for Solutions

Tracking metrics of your solutions is pertinent to continue or pivot for overall success of your solution. You can setup metrics like Total Pipeline; Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR); # Opportunities; etc.  See Setting Up Metrics

Adding Objectives/Accomplishments to your Solution

You can setup your joint objectives, i.e, define the KPIs and goals for each KPI for your joint solution.

Examples of KPIs include, # Opportunities, Pipeline Revenue/ARR, Closed Revenue/ARR, etc.  You can have different metrics for each of your solutions.

You can also add accomplishments to your solution to view the gradual progress towards the objectives of your solution. See Adding Objectives/Accomplishments

Adding Audience Information to your Solution

Understanding your target audience demographic is essential for success. Being cognizant of their roles, goals, industries, functions and departments helps you to align your solution's objectives with your audience needs.

You can add granular audience information for your solution to provide more context to the team working on the successful execution of the solution. See Adding Audience Information

Adding Assets to Solutions

You can add one or more assets like files, images, slide decks and other relevant assets to your solutions. See Adding Assets

Adding Tasks to your Solution

The Tasks tab in your solution is where you can add mandatory and optional tasks to different stages in your solution. See Adding Tasks

Adding Comments to Your Solution

You can add comments to your sales plans for easy collaboration with your team members and partners.  See Adding Comments

Adding Opportunities

Opportunities are objects in your joint solutions pipeline that can either start as leads and flow through the pipeline as leads with chances of being converted to opportunities or start as an identified opportunity. See Adding Opportunities

Adding Files, Links, Content Items, Expenses to Your Solution

You can easily add files, links, expenses, content items etc. to your solution too. See Adding Files, Links, Content and Expenses

Sharing Your Solution

You can easily share a solution with colleagues, regional or market unit leads at your company or at your partner's company for easy and timely collaboration, openness and for building trust. See Sharing a Solution

Viewing the Activity Log for Your Solution

An activity log section has been added on the solution page to allow you to get a quick summary snapshot of all the recent updates to your solution(s). See Viewing Activity Log

Creating a Solutions Report

You can create a Sales Plan Report for you and your partners to see data and performance on one or more fields of your sales plan, for example, to get a dashboard view of the # of sales plans, plans by industry, plans by region, etc. See Creating a Solutions Report

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