Creating Solutions in WorkSpan


You can use the Solutions App to create joint solutions with your partners in a shared cloud environment to coordinate, contribute, review, approve, and release new solutions. 

When you create a solution you can add all your solution details such as name, industry, region, sharing settings, key dates, and more.

The steps listed here are for the WorkSpan default template. Your template might look different.


  1. Navigate to the Solutions App. Navigation Home> Joint Solutions >Solutions.
  2. You are navigated to the Solutions Landing page.
  3. Click +Solution. Create Solution window opens.

  4. Enter the Solution Name and optionally enter a description.
  5. In the Settings section, choose a sharing mode based on who you want should share the solution. See More on Sharing Modes.
  6. You can check the Allow employees of your company or active partners to join without invitation as Participant box if you want employees of your company or partner companies to join the solution without approval from solution owners. If unchecked, then, explicit approval is needed from owners for anyone to join the solution. Click Save.
  7. If you had checked Go To Solution After Save, you are navigated to your newly created solution. If not, you can navigate to your solution from the Solutions Listing page. Now you can enter:
    1. In the WorkSpan template, Ideation is the default stage for your solution. To configure custom stages for your solution, Contact Us.
    2. Metrics for your solution.
    3. Key Dates to Your Solution
    4. Team Members to Your Solution
    5. Member Companies in Your Solution
    6. Add Comments and View the Activity Log for Your Solution
    7. Requesting Endorsements for Your Solution
    8. Adding Custom Fields to Your Solution
    9. Adding Company Fields to Your Solution 
  8. You can also enter more details for your solution- including products, services, industries, regions, LOB, market units, and more. On the WorkSpan default template, Click +Solution Details.
  9. Depending on your template, you may have additional details to enter for your solution; including certification verification, partner business manager, and more.
  10. After entering all the details, click Save
  11. After creating a solution, the next step is to attach the opportunities that should be associated with it. You can add new or link existing opportunities. Click here to learn how to add an Opportunity.
  12. Assessments can also be linked and added to your solution. To learn how to take an assessment, click here.

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