Managing User Access Levels on a Campaign


On WorkSpan you can invite as many people as you want from your company, partners or companies that you work with to your campaign. 

As a campaign owner, you can assign the following four access levels to your users in a campaign:

  • Owners have superpowers to manage a campaign in its entirety and tailor member access. Campaigns usually have a handful of owners.
  • Collaborators have view and edit rights to all sections of a campaign. Use this access level for the core team on a campaign. 
  • Participants have view rights to most sections of a campaign (except the funding section). Participants can edit activities and assets.
    This level is for users who contribute to specific deliverables on a campaign.
  • Viewers have view only access to all sections of a campaign.

Adding/Updating Member Access level on a Campaign

You can seamlessly add or update member access levels in a campaign.

You can only change or add owners to a campaign if you are an owner yourself.

You can manage all team members in your campaign, by clicking the three vertical dots, next to the campaign team icons. 

You can see the status of every member on this campaign in the following tabs:

  • Accepted
  • Invited
  • Requesting
  • Withdrawn  


  1. Navigate and open the Campaign for which you want to edit sharing with members.
  2. On the top right corner, click three vertical dots next to picture icons. 
  3. Click Edit Sharing with members. Members: Colleagues, Partners, Agencies window opens.
  4. Once in that window, you can change anyone's access levels in a campaign under the Access-Level drop down list. 
  5. If you want to view more details on the permissions and visibility level of each role, click the question mark next to Access-Level. A pop up window with details opens.

Note: There can be multiple owners in a campaign and you can only assign someone an owner role if you are an owner yourself.

Removing a Member from a Campaign

To reflect business changes like change in roles or someone leaving a company, you may want to remove a member from a campaign.


  1. To remove a member from a campaign, go to the Invited tab.
  2. Select the person you want to remove from the campaign by checking the checkbox to the left of the person name.
  3. Click Withdraw


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