Linking a Campaign to a Program


In WorkSpan, campaigns and programs are linked since a campaign requests funding from one or more programs.

You can link one or more campaigns to a program without a funding request or you can enter the details of your funding request and it will be tied to a program that you choose.

You can enter any funding amount (including $0) to tie a campaign to a program.


  1. Go to the program to which you want to link one or more campaigns.
  2. Go to the Funding Process section and click + to Add an Existing Campaign. Add Campaigns to Current Program screen opens.
  3. In Select Stage to Place Campaigns in, select amongst- Incoming Requests; In Review; Pending Approval; Decision Made; Maybe Later.
  4. Select one or more campaigns that you want to add/link to this program. You can add campaigns one by one.
  5. Click Add. 
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