Editing Funding Requests


You may want to change funding requests for some campaigns mid flight by updating funding amounts, names in Requested By section (in case an employee role changes within the company or if an employee has quit a company) or Type to correctly categorize a funding request in the right section.

You can easily update your funding requests in WorkSpan.


  1. Navigate and open the campaign for which you want to edit a funding request.
  2. Go to the Funding section.
  3. List of programs in various categories such as Approved, In Review, etc. are shown.
  4. Click three vertical dots corresponding to the program that you want to edit and click Edit. Edit Funding screen opens.
  5. You can update the following fields:
    1. Type amongst Other, Partner, Sponsor, Company
    2. Requested Amount
    3. Requested By 
  6. Make your edits and click Save.

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