Overview of Programs


A program in WorkSpan includes your joint marketing plan with your partners, including your marketing objectives and goals for the partnership.

In WorkSpan, programs are a collection of campaigns.

  • Programs have a budget pool that funds its campaigns.
  • Programs have goals and address a broad purpose (e.g., promoting a product,
    addressing an industry).

A program workflow  includes allocating funds, including program documents and defining program priorities and policies.

You can invite one or more partners to a program to submit funding requests for their campaigns, approve fund requests and claims, monitor fund utilization and track the performance of approved campaigns.

  • A program is created in the Programs App
  • A program receives incoming campaign proposals for investment from internal or external members who have access to the program.
  • A program has a workflow where a proposal can move through different approval stages before it is approved or declined.
  • On WorkSpan, you can get access to programs from multiple companies, including yours. A campaign can be funded by multiple programs (e.g. multiple sponsorships for a conference). The funding workflow stages are the different stages a campaign can be within a program.
  • You can monitor the progress of all the campaigns in a program as goals and results are updated by your sales and marketing systems. 
  • A program also provides a calendar for all the campaign proposals and funded campaigns across companies.

Navigating to the Programs App

On the WorkSpan Homepage, go to Home Joint Marketing > Programs to navigate to the Programs Landing page. (Also see: Navigating to the Programs App)

The program Landing page is your one stop shop to quickly view the following metrics for all your programs:

  • # Active Campaigns
  • Total Amount in Funds
  • Total Amount in Funds Approved
  • Total Amount in Funds Available
  • Total Amount in Requests Pending
  • Total Amount in Claims
  • Total Amount in Claims Pending

You can view some of the above metrics for each of your programs and click to navigate to the Strategy Tab of each program.

All your programs are available in the following three categories:

  • My Programs: Created by you and accepted by you.
  • Shared with Me: Shared with you that you have not yet accepted or declined.
  • Discover Other Programs: These are the programs that have been shared with your company. You can request to join. Your request will be pending until an owner of the program can approve your request to join if Can Employees Find and Request to Join is No in the Companies panel for this program. If Can Employees Find and Request to Join is Yes, then, you will be added as a participant to the program automatically. Owners of programs can edit access level for all participants in the program including collaborators.


You can also toggle all your programs by:

  • Show Recently Updated First
  • Show Newest First
  • Show Oldest First

Click +Program button to begin entering a new program. See Creating a Program

Click More Options button to create a new Funding Report; Funding Details Report or to View all reports. See Creating a Funding Report and Creating a Funding Details Report

You can also use the following filters for quick navigation for all your programs:

  • Active Programs
  • Pending Fund Approvals
  • Pending Claim Approvals
  • Archived Programs

You can toggle between a list view and a table view by by clicking on the appropriate icon corresponding to the view that you want to go to. See Toggling Between List and Table Views

Click on a program name to navigate to the strategy section of the program.

You can: 

  • Navigate to the associated campaigns by clicking the campaigns section. You can add existing campaigns to a program.
  • View all existing notes and add new notes to the program.
  • View and update existing tasks or create new tasks. 

To further ease your search through all your programs, you can further filter by the following and other criteria:

  • Start and/or End Date
  • Company
  • Activity Types
  • Product
  • Routes to Market
  • Audience Profile
  • Audience Seniority

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