Overview of Programs


A program in WorkSpan includes your joint marketing plan with your partners, including your marketing objectives and goals for the partnership.

In WorkSpan, programs are a collection of campaigns.

  • Programs have a budget pool that funds its campaigns.
  • Programs have goals and address a broad purpose (e.g., promoting a product,
    addressing an industry).

A program workflow  includes allocating funds, including program documents and defining program priorities and policies.

You can invite one or more partners to a program to submit funding requests for their campaigns, approve fund requests and claims, monitor fund utilization and track the performance of approved campaigns.

  • A program is created in the Programs App
  • A program receives incoming campaign proposals for investment from internal or external members who have access to the program.
  • A program has a workflow where a proposal can move through different approval stages before it is approved or declined.
  • On WorkSpan, you can get access to programs from multiple companies, including yours. A campaign can be funded by multiple programs (e.g. multiple sponsorships for a conference). The funding workflow stages are the different stages a campaign can be within a program.
  • You can monitor the progress of all the campaigns in a program as goals and results are updated by your sales and marketing systems. 
  • A program also provides a calendar for all the campaign proposals and funded campaigns across companies.

Navigating to the Programs App

On the WorkSpan Homepage, go to Home Joint Marketing > Programs to navigate to the Programs Landing page. (Also see: Navigating to the Programs App)

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