Understanding an Activity


An activity in a campaign includes an action(s) that helps you achieve your campaign goals.

Each activity should have measurable results, that can be tracked and help you identify the overall success of an activity.  

For example, industry conference activities could include:

  • Building an event website
  • Running an email campaign
  • Blogging post with CTA

Navigating to Activities in a Campaign

  1. Open the campaign for which you want to view existing activities or add new activities. 
  2. Go to the Activities section. To add a new activity, click + to get started. See Adding Activities.campaignactivities.gif
  3. For an existing activity, click the Activity Name to open the Activity Details window. You can also:
    • Add tasks to activities
    • Clone an activity
    • Edit an activity
    • Remove an activity
    • Add attachments and/or links to activities
    • Add comments to activities
    • Connect an integration to an activity
    • See history on an activity


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