Viewing campaign updates, editing a campaign, assigning tasks within a campaign, adding comments to a campaign


Click on the three vertical dots next to any field in a campaign to see all actions that can be done.

You get in context engagement to check when the last update to this field was made, assign tasks to collaborators, edit a field and leave comments.  

You have access to these all the time and in every step, and you can revisit them at any stage of the campaign.  Successful campaigns are those kept in sync during execution and have a shared strategy.

These tools help you organize your work better, see the progress of it and make the appropriate changes as you move forward.

Viewing last updates to a campaign 

The update shows when the field was last updated and by whom.

You can click on the three vertical dots, and the last updated field will appear, as shown below.




Assigning tasks in a campaign

Click the three vertical dots and then click Assign task icon Screen_Shot_2017-04-23_at_9.40.46_PM.pngto assign a task to a team member.


Editing a campaign section

Make any edits, and click save. There’s no limit to the changes that you can make, so it’s worth experimenting to create the campaign you want. Click on the three vertical dots and then click the Edit Screen_Shot_2017-04-23_at_9.44.39_PM.png icon as shown below to start editing. 



Adding comments to a campaign

Click on the three vertical dots to see all actions. Add comments to the fields that you want by clicking the  “+” sign and then click Save.



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