Requesting Funding for a Campaign


Funding is the driving force behind every campaign.  

In the Funding section of a campaign you can enter a request for funds by clicking + and then Request New Funding.

WorkSpan supports adding up to two places in decimal values in currency fields such as funding request amounts and claim amounts.

After you enter the details of your funding request it will be submitted for approval. You can track the progress of your request by returning to the Funding section of the campaign. 

You can also request funding for your campaign from a program that is in different currency than your campaign currency. The currency conversion is auto calculated and displayed.

Your funding request will move from an Incoming stage to In Review to Approved or Rejected stages. It is a simple, collaborative process allowing both you and your partners to see and decide together. 

To request funding:

  1. Navigate to the campaign for which you want to request funding.
  2. Go to the Funding section.

  3. Click + Request FundingRequest Funding window opens.Screen_Shot_2018-08-08_at_11.42.11_AM.png
  4. Select a Funding Source from a list of your programs. After you select this, Available Funds and other sections are highlighted.

  5. In case your campaign currency is different from the program currency, then the following screen is displayed:

  6. Select a Type from Partner, Sponsor, Company, Other.
  7. Enter a Requested Amount. For a campaign in a different currency than the program currency, the requested amounts are displayed in both currencies. WorkSpan supports adding up to two places in decimal values.
  8. Your name appears in the Requested By field.
  9. Click Save.
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