Writing and Sharing Posts on WorkSpan


You can write a post and share your post by clicking Share on the post to collaborate with people and teams in your network- your company or your partner companies.

You can choose the audience you'd like to share the post with:

  • Colleagues from <company name>
  • Specific Campaign Team
  • Specific Program Team
  • Specific Solution, Sales Plan or Sales Opportunity Team
  • Specific Content Team
  • Specific People or
  • Specific Companies 

You can attach any type of a file to a post.  You can upload a file from your computer or you can connect directly to your apps - Google Drive, Facebook, FTP, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.

There is no limit to the files that you can attach to a single post.  To include a link (URL) in a post, simply copy and paste the link into the post and the recipient(s) can open it when they view your post.  

To view the options you have for attaching a file:

Click the paperclip icon and a list of available options will be displayed.


Editing or Deleting your Post 

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of a post.  
  2. You can then select the edit or delete option.  

Note: When your post is deleted, all comments and shares are also deleted.


Note: You can also delete a post after publishing it. Once deleted, the post and all re-shares & comments will also be deleted.

Liking/Unliking Posts

There is a heart icon located on the bottom left of each post. The number next to the heart indicates the total number of “likes” that the post has received. You can simply click on the heart icon to like or unlike a post.

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