Overview of Campaigns


With WorkSpan’s joint marketing application, you can:

  • Define and plan joint marketing campaigns with your field teams.
  • Deepen engagement and scale.
  • Track the performance of your joint marketing campaigns with each partner.

A WorkSpan campaign is a set of activities, assets, tasks, shared goals, results and accomplishments.  

WorkSpan helps you to plan, build, and run campaigns collaboratively. 

  • Campaigns have a budget that funds its activities.
  • Campaigns have goals and address a point purpose (e.g., do a conference)

All your colleagues and partners can align on shared goals, turn ideas into activities, track campaign assets, and assign tasks to drive a campaign to success.

On the Homepage, go to Home Joint Marketing > Campaigns to navigate to the Campaign Landing page- your one stop destination to quickly view all your campaign metrics including:

  • Assets
  • Activities
  • Tasks

You can get a consolidated view of the following parameters for all your campaigns:

  • Total Amount in Funds Approved
  • Total Amount in Pending Requests
  • Total Amount in Claims Approved
  • Total Amount in Pending Claims

The above metrics are also available for each of your campaigns. Click to navigate to the Strategy tab of each campaign.

You can view all your campaigns in the following categories:

  • My Campaigns: Created by you and accepted by you.
  • Shared with Me: Shared with you that you have not yet accepted or declined.
  • Discover Other Campaigns: these are the campaigns that have been shared with your company. You can request to join a campaign. Your request will be pending until an owner can approve your request to join (if Can Employees Find and Request to Join is No on the Edit Sharing With Companies for a campaign. If it is Yes, then, you will be added as a participant automatically. An owner of a campaign can change your access level).


You can toggle campaigns by:

  • Show Recently Updated First
  • Show Newest First
  • Show Oldest First

Click +Campaign button to choose either the default WorkSpan template or your company template to begin entering a new campaign. See Creating a Campaign

Click More Options button to create a new report or to view existing reports. See Creating a Marketing Report

You can also use the following filters for quick navigation for all your campaigns:

  • Active Campaigns
  • Campaigns Pending Fund Requests
  • Campaigns Pending Claim Requests
  • Archived Campaigns
  • Withdrawn Campaigns

To further ease your search through all your campaigns, you can filter by the following and other criteria:

  • Start date/End date
  • Company Name
  • Activity Types
  • Audience Role
  • Classification
  • Product
  • Routes to Market

Visualization options include a list view or a calendar view. You can also share your current view. 

WorkSpan tracks when actions have been performed against each campaign in WorkSpan.  

Timestamp Updates on a Campaign

To see when your campaign was last updated:

  1. Navigate to the campaign landing page that you want to view updates on.
  2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the campaign name that you want to check an activity on. A pop up window appears that displays the person and the date of the last update.
  3. You can also edit the name of the campaign by clicking Edit Name on this pop up window.

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