Inviting New Users to WorkSpan


You can invite colleagues from your company and partner companies that you want to collaborate with to WorkSpan.

To add a new company to the WorkSpan network, you have to invite a user from that company.

We give the first user of a company admin rights to create their company's profile as part of the new user sign up process.

To invite a new user to WorkSpan, follow the steps below.


  1. On the WorkSpan Homepage or on other pages like My Profile or My Tasks pages, click Invite to WorkSpan:
  2. The "Invite people to join WorkSpan" window will open. Enter emails of team members that you want to invite, separating unique emails with commas or semi colons. Press the [ENTER] button on your keyboard to include the email addresses of people that you want to invite to the invite list on the right pane.


    A default message is included. You can replace the default message with your custom short message inviting team members to accomplish common goals on WorkSpan. Now you can start collaborating!
  3. After reviewing your invitees list on the right, click Send Invite.
Note: To cancel/update/correct your invite list, hover over a name and click "X" next to the name to remove from the list

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