Creating a Campaign


On WorkSpan, you can plan, create, and track your marketing campaigns collaboratively with your colleagues, partners, and agencies.


  1. On the WorkSpan Homepage, navigate to the Joint Marketing App and select Campaigns. See Navigating to the Campaigns App.
  2. Click +Campaign.  Select the WorkSpan default or your custom template. Create Your Campaign screen is displayed.

  3. The Campaign creation wizard will walk you through the process of setup. Some fields or sections may be required depending on which template you have selected.
  4. Select a Sharing Mode-Company Mode, Partner Mode or Network Mode. (See More on Sharing Modes)Check Auto-Accept Requests to join check box if you want employees of your company and active partners to join as members without explicit approval.
  5. Select a Program as your funding source for your campaign and enter the amount that you want in the Requested Amount field.
  6. Click Next and enter the names/emails of the people in your network that you want to send a request for endorsement.
  7. Click Save to save a draft copy. You can return to your campaign to Review and Submit
  8. If you are ready to submit, click Save and Submit or Click Back to make edits.
  9. At the end of the campaign creation process, you'll be able to share your campaign with colleagues and partners to work jointly on the campaign. See Sharing a Campaign
  10. You can also Make a Copy; Save As Document, See Invite List, etc. for your campaign.
  11. You can also add the following to your campaign:
    1. Activities
    2. Assets
    3. Notes
    4. Tasks

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