Sharing a Campaign


You can easily share your campaign with colleagues in your company, partners, and others. Sharing campaigns for collaboration is easy in WorkSpan!

You can share a campaign with an entire company, or with one or more people in a company.

When you share a campaign, you can either give the same access level as yourself to a user or an access level lower than yours. 

Access levels are in a hierarchy (beginning with Owner (most rights) > Collaborator > Participant > Viewer (least rights) in a descending order.

For example, if you are a collaborator on a campaign, you can provide collaborator, participant, and viewer access levels to others.


  1. Navigate to the campaign that you want to share.

  2. Click sharecampaign.gif. Share Campaign screen opens.
  3. Only owners can update the sharing mode- Owner, Partner or Network. (See more on Sharing Modes in WorkSpan) by going to the Companies panel.
    1. In Share with People section, enter/select names or emails of colleagues, partners and/or agencies in and/or outside of your company. You can optionally update the access level for people with whom you want to share. 
      • If you want to share a campaign with someone not yet in your network, a confirmation message is shown to confirm your action.
    2. In Share with Companies section, select the name(s) of one or more companies that you want to share your campaign with. This allows all members in a company to get a limited view of the campaign and they can send a request to join for greater access.

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