Messaging in WorkSpan


In WorkSpan you can send direct messages to your contacts.

Offline users can also get email notifications that there are direct messages for them on WorkSpan.

When they login, a red change indictor with a number on the Direct Message icon will show that they have unread messages from people on their WorkSpan Network.

After 15 minutes of not being read, WorkSpan sends you an email notifying you of the direct messages.

Message conversations are ordered by the date and time of the last message.

To message someone directly:

  • Click on the person's profile icon anywhere within the WorkSpan network:


  • You can also hover on profile icons to see whether a user is currently online.
  • A messaging window opens on the right side and you can begin your conversation:



To see all your direct messages:

  • Click on Inbox in the upper right corner.
  • You will see a list of your 1:1 conversations in the Messages tab:


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