Editing Your Settings, Profile Picture, & Password Change


You can easily edit your settings, such as your password, profile picture, etc. and manage your email notifications on your profile page in WorkSpan.


  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right-hand corner of the WorkSpan Network.
  2. Click My Profile.  

  3. From the My Profile page, you can:
    1. Update your personal settings- name and/or role, profile picture, and email preferences.
    2. Change your password. (Also See Forgot Password)
    3. Manage your email notifications. You can choose for which sections or sub sections you want to get email notifications. For example, in the Invitations and requests section, you can select if you want to get email notifications for one or more of the following sub sections:
      1. Invitations to collaborate
      2. Partnership requests
      3. Membership requests
    4. Change timezones.
    5. Invite others in your network to the WorkSpan Network.
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