Different Marketing Budgets or Programs


WorkSpan's Programs App is used to manage a marketing program budget. It supports the following types of programs.

  1. Joint Marketing Programs - Two or more strategic go to market partners can jointly manage a marketing program. Both sides have shared visibility, approval rights and transparency in funding, goals and results from campaigns funded by the program. It is useful for strategic technology relationships in cloud, big data, IOT and AI to jointly pursue emerging categories.
  2. Market Development Funds - One company has the funds that is distributed to partners on the WorkSpan Marketing Network. It is useful for strategic channel, ISV and VAR partners that need secure visibility into their program and status of their proposals but do not have shared approval rights.
  3. Tracking Agency of Record Programs -WorkSpan's Programs App can provide a way to collaboratively manage marketing spending in a goal oriented way with your agency of record. Many Marketing teams have an Agency of Record, but do not have visibility or control into agency spend. It is useful for an agency to show how they are spending the money and what goals are being reached.
  4. Key Initiatives like Roadshows, Conference and Product Launches - Roadshows, Conferences and Product launches have many sponsoring partners and many external agencies who provide services. Collaborative Programs App provides visibility and control to programs over a network of partners and agencies.
  5. Cross funding across Internal teams  - Many marketing campaigns are cross funded across internal teams (e.g. between product marketing and field marketing, or between corporate and regions). It is hard to keep track of the promises. WorkSpan's Programs App can be used to collaboratively fund campaigns across internal teams too.
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