Best Practices for Managing Programs on WorkSpan


WorkSpan Programs App is a collaborative app deployed on the WorkSpan Network. It can be used to jointly manage and allocate funds to campaigns across companies and teams while tracking goals and return on marketing investment. The following best practices have emerged.

  1. Source Ideas from everywhere - You can source ideas from your marketing networkPut your program on the WorkSpan Network and invite internal and/or external teams to apply with campaign proposals. As the quantity and quality of proposals improve, you can pick the ideas with the most goals and likelihood of success.
  2. Define a process and deadline - You can set up a simple and repeatable process with you co-marketing partners and internal teams. This means all marketing proposals can be evaluated consistently. WorkSpan provides 4 stages that can be configured.
  3. Engage in context - Do not wait for the big meeting to clarify. Engage in context of the proposals with comments and questions.
  4. Complement virtual and physical collaboration - Complement WorkSpan online with a weekly catch up in person or over a conference call. Many marketing teams e.g. joint marketing, field marketing growth marketing and partner marketing meet weekly to discuss the impact.
  5. Kill poorly performing campaigns - Kill poorly performing campaigns and move money to campaigns that are bringing good results. 

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