Overview of Tasks


The Tasks tab within an object is where you can add tasks that need to be completed to successfully execute a partner program, a campaign, a program, a sales plan, a solution or an opportunity. 

From the Tasks Landing page, you can view all existing tasks for an object and/or click Add Task to add a new task to an object.

You can select a task and do the following actions without having to navigate to another page:

On the Tasks Landing page, you can also:

  • Filter the tasks by status, by priority and by other fields.
  • Click Display to select the columns that you want to see.
  • Toggle between a list view and a table view.


Assigning Tasks

  1. Click the Assign icon.assigntask.gif
  2. Select the name of the person in your network to whom you want to assign this task.
  3. Click Assign.

Setting Reminders for Tasks

  1. Click the Remind icon.taskreminders.gif
  2. Send Reminder window opens. 
  3. Enter a message.
  4. Click Send Reminder.

Cloning a Task

  1. Click the Clone icon.clonetasks.gif
  2. Copy of the task being cloned is created.

Changing Task Status

  1. Click the Change icon.changetaskstatus.gif
  2. Click Change Status and select the status to which you want to change.changetaskstatus2.gif

Changing Task Priority

  1. Click the Change icon and then click Change Priority.changepriority.gif
  2. Select the priority to which you want to change.

Adding Watchers to Task

  1. Click the Watch icon and then click Add Watcher.watchtask1.gif
  2. Select the names of one or more people who you want to add as watchers.addwatcher2.gif

Adding Comments to Tasks

  1. Click the Comments icon on the task row to which you want to add comments.
  2. Enter your comments.

Adding Attachments to Tasks

  1. In the task row to which you want to add a link or a file, go to the Attachments column.attachmentstotasks.gif
  2. Click the File or Link icon to attach a file or a link.

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