Overview of Assets


Assets can be images, documents, slides, links, files or other relevant information that you can add in campaigns, solutions, sales plans, opportunities, assessments and partner programs.

In WorkSpan, you can easily add, edit, clone, share and archive your assets.

You can add tasks to assets too.

If you plan to use a single asset for multiple objects, create it by going to Home > Data >Content Library. You can then seamlessly add that asset for multiple objects.

If you want to add an asset to a specific object only, then, you can also go to the Assets tab from within that specific object. Then click: Add Item >Add Content Item/Add File/Add Link.

Note: If you add a file or a link, you can delete that file or a link from within the object too by going to the Assets tab for that object without navigating to the Content Library. Added content items can only be deleted after being archived from within the Content Library.

This content item is added to only the object within which it is created.


You can save money and precious time by using assets that have already been created within your network and shared with you.

On the Content Library, all assets are available in the following three categories:

  • My Assets: all assets created by you and accepted by you. In this category, you can search for assets by different access levels-owner, collaborator, participant and viewer.
  • <Company Name> Assets: all assets shared with your company.
  • Archived Assets: all archived assets in which you have participated. These can be unarchived or deleted.

You can also navigate between the list view and the table view for assets.

See More tasks related to assets in WorkSpan:

Adding an Asset

You can add assets which can be images, documents, files, slides, links, or other relevant information used in campaigns, solutions, sales plans, opportunities, assessments or partner programs either from within an object or from the Content Library. See Adding an Asset

Adding Tasks to Assets

As owners, collaborators or participants, you can add tasks to assets too. See Adding Tasks to Assets

Updating Assets from the Content Library

You can update your asset from your content library. You can update the description, key dates, team members and the associated companies on an asset.

You can also add asset details and custom fields to your asset. See Updating Assets from the Content Library

Editing a Campaign Asset

As owners and collaborators on campaigns, you can edit your assets from within your campaigns too. See Editing a Campaign Asset

Editing an Asset from a Solution/Sales Plan/Opportunity/Assessment

As owners, you can update your assets from within a sales plan/solution/opportunity/assessment too. See Editing an Asset from a Solution/Sales Plan/Opportunity/Assessment

Cloning an Asset

You can clone an asset to save time and energy in creating a new one. See Cloning an Asset

Archiving an Asset

You can archive an asset before deleting an asset. You can unarchive previously archived assets. See Archiving an Asset

Sharing an Asset

You can share assets with colleagues, partners and others in your network for easy collaboration and to prevent effort duplication. See Sharing an Asset

Managing Team Members and their Access Levels on Assets

As owners and collaborators, you can add, update, withdraw team members on your assets.

Sharing Assets Company Wide

As an asset owner and collaborator, you can add new companies in your network that you want to share your asset with; update the Sharing Mode between an owner mode and a partner mode; and update if all employees of a company can find and request to join an asset by default.

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