Adding a Task


On WorkSpan, you can add and assign tasks to people across your network and make them responsible for one or more deliverables. 


  1. Click Add New Task located in the Tasks tab on any campaign, program, solution, sales plan, opportunity, partner program or on any field in WorkSpan, you can click on the three vertical dots to view the action tray and click on Add Task.
  2. Create a New Task window opens.
  3. Enter the "Task Title" as it is a mandatory field.
  4. Enter your Task Summary.
  5. Optionally enter Task Description.
  6. Select the name of the person who you want to assign the task to.
  7. Default Status is "To Do". You can also select amongst Blocked, To Do, In Progress, Paused, Done, Will Not Do.
  8. The "Task Shown in" shows where the task will be visible.
  9. Priority is Moderate by default. You can select a different priority too.
  10. Optionally select a due date.
  11. Optionally, you can enter up to five tags. Tags can be useful for categorizing tasks e.g. #sales-enablement can be used to tag all tasks that are related to sales enablement activities.
  12. You can also attach files and/or links.
  13. Click Create. You have now created and a task. 

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