Changing Funding for an Approved Campaign


You may want to cut funds from poorly performing campaigns or increase funds for the good ones.


  1. In the Programs App - Campaigns section, navigate to the Decision Made tab where you can find your previously approved campaign.

  2. Select the campaign and then click the Change Funding button to change the funding amount. Change Funding Decision window opens.

  3. Make your changes. You can decline the funding entirely or change the funding amount while keeping the funding decision the same.The new amount will be updated and communicated to the campaign automatically.
  4. After making a change, you will receive a confirmation when the transaction is logged. The declined campaign will appear in the Decision Made- Declined column with $0 funding. Campaigns with approved lower funding will continue to be in the Decision Made - Approved column.
Note: The column names are editable, and the stage that approved campaigns go to is editable too.


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