Adding an Activity


As an owner, collaborator or participant on a campaign, you can add activities to your campaigns.

You can also add comments to activities. See Adding Comments to Activities.


  1. Navigate to the Activities tab for the campaign you'd like to add an activity to.  

  2. On the right side of the page, click the Add Activity button.  Add Activity Details window is displayed.

  3. Enter an activity name and description.
  4. Start and End dates for your activities. Optionally, you can also enter start and end times.
  5. Select a channel for your activity. You can also add custom channels.
  6. You are added by default as an activity lead. You can enter others who are part of the campaign as leads on an activity too.
  7. Enter up to five tags to your activity. Tags help you to categorize the activities for easy search/filter functions.
  8. Select a priority for your activity.
  9. You can also upload files and/or links to your activity.
  10. Click Save.

Adding Comments to Activities

Comments allow you to maintain an on going dialogue with your team without the hassle of email threads. Your comments are in context and easily accessible from within WorkSpan.


  1. Go to your campaign.
  2. Navigate to the Activities tab.  You can view your current list of activities in various stages - Idea, Scheduled, In Execution, Completed, Canceled or Maybe Later.  
  3. Go to the activity that you'd like to add a comment to.
  4. Click the activity name.  
  5. Activity Details window opens where you can add comments by clicking on comments. 

  6. Enter your comment(s).
  7. Click Save.  

You can also see and review any other comments added to an activity. You can also edit and delete comments.

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