Adding an Asset


Assets can be images, documents, slides, links, files or other relevant information used in campaigns, solutions, sales plans, opportunities, assessments and partner programs.


  1. Navigate to the object to which you'd like to add an asset and click the Assets tab or go to Home > Data >Content Library and click +Asset.

  2. A list of all associated assets in the various stages (Draft, In Review etc) are displayed.
  3. If this is the first asset being added, then, when you click the "+" symbol you would see on the right side of the Assets tab and select from the options that appear in the dropdown. 
  4. If you are navigating from the Content Library, click +Add Asset to add a new asset. Add New Asset screen opens.
  5. Enter a valid Asset Name and select the Files or Links you want to add to your assets. Click "Next".
  6. You will now be directed to a page where you can select the Type, Journey, Theme, Audience, Associated with Programs. Click "Next" to continue.
  7. You can select a sharing mode between Partner Mode (default), Owner Mode and Network Mode based on who you want should share this asset. See Sharing Modes
  8. Check the Allow employees of your company or active partners to join without an invitation as a participant if you want employees and partners to join the asset without approval from the asset owner(s).
  9. Click on the "Create Asset" button to create your asset.Screen_Shot_2020-01-17_at_11.43.29_AM.png
  10. To view your created asset navigate to Content Library -> Assets -> click on your newly created asset.
  11. You can enter key dates for your asset. See Entering Key Dates.
  12. To update Team Members, See Updating Team Members.
  13. You can add a file, a link or a task to your asset too. Go to Add Item drop-down and select Add File, Add Link or Add Task. Select Used In to see which object this content item is being used in or to select an object to which you want to add this asset.
Note: You can also optionally add custom fields to an asset. See Adding Custom Fields

To update access levels for your members on an asset, see Updating Access Levels.

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