Overview of WorkSpan Integrations


WorkSpan Integrations allow you to import results data for your campaigns and activities in WorkSpan via a report from your source systems (CRM systems) on an automated basis (daily, weekly, monthly). This allows you and your team to get continually updated data without having to manually generate any data.

Source systems can email the result report on a regular basis to an owner of an integration or to a preconfigured email address to add/update data into WorkSpan in a row-column format for a configured integration. 

Each integration in WorkSpan has a unique email-id associated with it. You can use this email address for scheduling a recurring report upload. You can also manually send reports from your own email address to the unique integration email address to upload data as needed.

Each integration is connected to specific WorkSpan campaigns and activities. When a result report is received via email, the integration processes the report and updates the results in the appropriate WorkSpan campaigns and activities.


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To review the status and history of your data uploads:

Click on the integration name for which you want to view the history of your data uploads.

Go to the History tab of your integration. This page details all the successful uploads, and any failures and error details.



From the History page, you can also easily upload an ad hoc report by clicking  the Upload a Result Report button. The result is the same as sending the report to the integration’s unique email address.

Here's the naming convention for terms used in WorkSpan integrations:

  • Source-System: an external system where results are generated and are associated with campaigns or activities on WorkSpan. These are usually marketing systems of automation tools like Eloqua, Marketo, etc.
  • Integration: a process in WorkSpan that maps result data from source systems to WorkSpan campaigns and activities.
  • Results: the quantitative achievements from a campaign or an activity (ex: 1250 leads).
  • Metrics: the unit of a result (e.g, leads).
  • Metric Type: A result is always associated with a metric and the metric has a type: text, number, currency, percentage, date.
  • EntityThis is the generic name for the object in the source-system that maps to WorkSpan campaigns / activities. This is referred to as a campaign, program, or an ID (CRM-ID) depending on the source-system.  

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