Viewing an Existing Campaign


Besides creating a campaign, you can also get access to a campaign if a campaign has been shared with you or if you have joined a campaign that has been shared with your company. You can also send a request to join a campaign that you are keen to join. Depending on the sharing mode on a campaign, owners on a campaign may need to add you to a campaign and provide access rights on a campaign.



  1. Go to the Campaigns App (Home >Joint Marketing >Campaigns) and navigate to an existing campaign that you want to see. You can search for a campaign that you want to view.
  2. On the Strategy tab of the campaign, you can see the campaign objective/description; accomplishments, engagement brief; any endorsements, stage of the campaign; audience profile and seniority; primary intent; prior history; key dates and other fields.
  3. On the Budget tab, you can see see any existing expenses and add other expenses.
  4. On the Funding tab of the campaign, you can see existing funding requests in approved, in review, work in progress and other stages. You can also enter a new funding request, start a claim, update payment information and/or withdraw a submission.
  5. On the Activities tab, you can see all the activities associated to this campaign in various stages. You can search for an activity and also enter a new activity.
  6. On the Assets tab, you can view all assets associated to this campaign and also enter a new asset.
  7. On the Notes tab, you can see any existing notes attached to this campaign and enter any new notes to this campaign.
  8. On the Tasks tab, you can view all tasks associated with this campaign. You can enter new tasks, clone, archive, and do other tasks related steps.
  9. On the Summary tab, you can view the Marketing Impact of your campaign.
  10. On the right panel of the Campaign Strategy page, you will only see fields with values. To view the empty fields, navigate to the bottom of the right panel and turn on the toggle - On-toggle.png 

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