Overview of the Result Report from a Source System


Results are the quantitative achievements from a campaign or an activity (ex: 1250 leads) in your source system, e.g, your CRM system.

Result Report is a report received from a source system and uploaded to a specifically configured integration in WorkSpan.

You have to parse the sample report by selecting the metric-row, the entity column, and the results (metrics that are important for you and your team).

You may also need to rename the metrics to be more intuitive and ensure that the data-type is correctly reflected.

    • There must be a column-header row with the metric-names in the row
      • The column-header row does not have to be in row-1. You can choose the row.
      • The metric-columns do not have to be static. (e.g, if leads are in column-2 in the sample-report, then, leads can also be in column-3 in subsequent reports)
    • The results must be exported in a tabular format with the Entities in one column and all associated results in the same row
      • The entity-column does not have to be in column-1. You can choose the column.

Please be cognizant and careful about the following guidelines:

  • The results must be on the same sheet (sheet-name) as specified in the sample report
  • The metric-row can be on any row (i.e. additional rows can be added above it)
  • The result rows per entity must be below the metric row
  • All entity names must be in a single column. All results for an entity need to be on the same row
  • The entity names and result columns are flexible i.e. it is permissible to add columns to the left of the entity names
  • New rows may be added as more entities are included in the report

Getting a Sample Result Report

To get a sample result report from your source system, select the appropriate report and download it or email it to yourself.

Source systems can email the result report on a regular basis to an owner of an integration or to a preconfigured email address to add/update data into WorkSpan in a row-column format for a configured integration.

Each integration in WorkSpan has a unique email-id associated with it. You can use this email address for scheduling a recurring report uploads. You can also manually send reports from your own email address to the unique integration email address to upload data as needed.

Uploading a Result Report


Each integration is connected to specific WorkSpan campaigns and activities. When a result report is received via email, the integration processes the report and updates the results in the appropriate WorkSpan campaigns and activities.

Owners of reports can upload one or more result reports by going to the history tab of the specific integration and uploading a result report.




Click Upload Result Report.

Note: If a result report does not have an update for your entity, then, the campaigns and activities that the entity is mapped to in WorkSpan are also not updated.

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