Editing an Existing Integration


A user of an integration connects to an integration by its name and can select certain metrics to be updated. 

If an owner changes an integration name or a metric name, then, the reference is no longer valid and will not work.

If your desired metric is not in the sample result report, then you can go to your source system and modify the sample result report to contain the additional metric(s) that you want and then upload the updated sample result report to WorkSpan.

You have to re select the metric row, entity column and the metrics to import in WorkSpan.

Any previously selected metrics will also need to reflect the renaming. 

    • If any metrics are removed, then, those metrics will not be updated on the activity/ campaign side in WorkSpan.
    • If any metrics are renamed, then, connections will need to be recreated manually by selecting the new names.

Editing an integration


Only owners of an integration can edit an integration.


  1. Go to the integration that you want to edit. Navigation: Home >Data >Integrations to navigate to the Integrations homepage. All your existing integrations are listed.
  2. Click the Edit This Integration button on the integration that you want to edit.editintegration.gif
  3. In the Edit mode, you can edit the basics like Name, Description, Owners and Usable By fields for your integration. Click Next to edit additional fields.
  4. You can upload a new sample report.
  5. You can also update the Sheet that has data, Metric Row, Entity Column to Import and click Next.
  6. You can also select additional rows for your integration, rename a metric, update the type for that metric.
  7. Click Finish to update your integration.
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