WorkSpan Salesforce App V.1.9 Releases


New Features and Enhancements

  • New launch in ACE flow for Amazon Referrals. The recent enhancement allows you to Launch a referral directly in ACE based on the conditions mentioned below:
    • When ‘Customer Software Value’ is < $120k → You can directly launch the referral via ‘Launch in ACE’ button (Refer to image below).
    • When ‘Customer Software value’ is >= $120k →  ‘Launch in ACE’ button will prompt you to log in to the ACE portal to submit documents.


  • Added the following Amazon Specific fields on both ‘Outgoing Amazon Referral’ and ‘Incoming Amazon Referral’ fields layout,  as per the latest ACE changes:
    • Is Opportunity From Marketing Activity?
    • Marketing Activity Channel
    • Marketing Activity Use Case
    • AWS Marketing Salesforce Campaign Name


  • Relabeled ‘AWS Campaign’ to ‘APN Program’ and updated picklist values. New picklist values have been added to APN Program field List of Values to keep them in sync with values supported by AWS as per the latest changes.


  • Customized as per your Partner Type. Added support to specify the Partner Type for Amazon partners to provide a more tailored experience to different types of partners.
  • Improved handling for Action Required Status. Only a subset of fields will be available for editing when Amazon sets a referral in ‘Action Required’ status as per ACE guidelines. 
  • Managing Launched Referrals. After a referral is marked as Launched, only a subset of fields is available for editing (as enforced by ACE). Updates only on these fields are sent to the WS and further to the ACE.
  • Dependent picklists help you enter accurate and consistent data. Improved the UX by adding dependencies between fields so that only accurate and consistent data is entered and shared with your partner. For more information, refer to the ‘Post Deployment Steps’ document.
  • Added support to Mark as Lost for Amazon Referrals so that accepted Referrals could be set as Closed Lost in the ACE portal directly from within SFDC. 
  • Added a separate SaaS Documentation component for the Amazon partners that are part of 'ISV Accelerate - SRRP' program to support Launch in ACE flow by viewing and editing the crucial fields in a separate area on the Referral page. 

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the UX by updating help texts for some fields.
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