How to Create Contact Roles from a New Referral


Use case

Whenever an Opportunity is created from a new incoming Referral (referral shared by your partner), create Contact Roles on that Opportunity.


  • You need to Create a new Flow that is triggered when an Opportunity is created or update an existing one.
    • If you want to make sure that the Contact Role is only created when an Opportunity is created from a Referral record, then (if you are making a brand new Flow just for this) add the following condition as the entry criteria of the Flow, or (if you are updating an existing Flow that also does something else) add the Decision node before launching into the logic below:  
      workspan__SourceReferral__c is not NULL.


  • In the Flow, create a variable to store the OpportunityContactRole record.


  • Add a Get Record element to find the Contact record that you want to assign as the Contact Role. Please note that the conditions in the screenshot are just an example, you might want to customize them to fit your use case.


  • Add an Assignment element to assign the ContactId, the OpportunityId, and the Role that you want the ContactRole to be to the corresponding fields of your OpportunityContactRole variable. Please note that the Role selected in the below image is just an example, you might want to change it to fit your use case.


  • Add a Create Record element to create an OpportunityContactRole record from your OpportunityContactRole variable.


The final result will look like this:


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