WorkSpan Dec '22 Releases - v165.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Enabling Bulk Actions to update multiple items simultaneously.  Take specific actions such as Bulk Edit, Bulk Move Stage, etc. for different items at one go using Bulk Actions. Once the Bulk Action is configured for an object (let’s say Opportunity), the “Requests” tab in WorkCenter provides a direct link to perform Bulk Actions for a chosen filter. It saves loads of time with minimal clicks to perform an action as opposed to performing the same action numerous times. 
  • Move faster across the objects from the companies/users table. Direct access to WorkSpan objects (program/sales plan/opportunity etc.) provides you with a seamless experience. You can now click on a WS-ID in the companies/users table to go to the detailed page of an object. This action enables the faster movement from the “User” settings page and simplifies site navigation without needing to search further for a particular object.  


  • ‘Manage Email Notifications’ UI enhancements. Improved the look and feel of the UI interface to make it more intuitive and easier to use with a list of types of notifications that you want to set up in WorkSpan. You can simply restrict unwanted notification emails by unchecking the boxes as shown in the image below.


  • Support for decimal format in currency field-based calculations. When you make calculations on currency fields, WS will now allow you to input decimal numbers (for e.g, 55,275.84) in addition to whole numbers (e.g., 55,275). The output currency field will support both whole numbers and decimal values according to the input provided. It helps you to store currency-based values up to 2 decimal places and achieve higher precision. 


  • Better access control using operators in eligibility criteria. You can now use operators (like “IN”) to build access policies with multiple criteria to provide/ revoke access to users and partner companies. This helps create more robust and secure policies to ensure your data is accessed by individuals who qualify for the multiple criteria defined. It also helps keep all the policy criteria in one place and gives you more flexibility. 


  • Deselection of dedupe columns in Project metrics and Report charts. WorkSpan gives you the flexibility to define the metrics and later manage same (or edit same) as per your requirement. While editing metrics and charts in reports, you can now reset the selected dedupe column (which shows a subset of data) to view all the data in this column. This allows you to review the data along with duplicate values that were filtered earlier for the specific column before.
  • Share reports and charts using direct links. Fetch charts directly from WorkSpan as you can generate a chart/report link/URL to be shared with your specific company users and partner users who have access to it. It allows them to get charts using the exact report/chart ID with no extra effort to search for a particular report. Further, you can filter chart data and share it with only a specific set of people having access to this limited version of data.

Bug Fixes

  • “Resources” in individual accounts were visible to other users. This bug has been fixed. Now, only the owners and the partner users who have access to a resource can view it.
  • Earlier, whenever we uploaded the data through integration, only original leads were getting updated. The cloned leads were not.  However, after the fix, both the original and cloned leads are now getting updated.
  • WS platform is now updated with the “Privacy Policy” and is available at the bottom of the login screen page. 
  • Sorting for date fields (e.g., ascending and descending order) was not working properly. This issue has been resolved.
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