Sending Introductory Email for Accepted Referrals


Use case

The email notification feature allows you to send introductory emails to introduce the Partner Account Executives (AEs)/Partner Managers/ Alliance Leads to AWS /MPC sales representatives after the referral has been accepted. This feature can be used from within the Referral overview page with one click action - Send Email.

How to send Introductory Email

This feature allows you to send an email with default text or change that default text before sending an email to include links and relevant documents related to the opportunity. If AEs/opportunity owners are not a part of the opportunity or do not have ACE login, but still want to receive the intro email, then you can add the actual opp owner field in the account owner field to send them emails.

Step 1: Once the referral is accepted, you can send an email via the “Send Email to AEs” Action button on the UI.


Step 2: A pop-up will appear on the screen showing the email recipients pulled from the AWS/MPC Contact Details sections for that referral.

You can customize or change the content of this email to be sent. Once you are done, click “Submit.”


IMPORTANT: Please note NO New Recipients can be added in the email pop-up as these fields are auto-populated from the email fields present in the referral. 

Step 3: Once AWS/MPC accepts the referral, it has both the AEs information available on the referral. They will receive a handshake email enabled by the Partner Manager to introduce them. Below is a sample screenshot of the notification message. 


Changing default Intro Email text

Alternatively, you can change the default text by following the steps:

Step 1: After login in to WorkSpan, click on the Hamburger menu and choose “Companies.” 


Step 2: You will be redirected to “Companies” page. Click “Company Data Model” as shown. Click “Set Data Model For” and choose “Opportunity” from the dropdown menu. 


Step 3: You may wish to choose the desired format to view the configured text. Selecting the “Code” option where the intro email text can be identified easily is recommended. 


Step 4: Search for the word “intro,” and the default value is shown. You can now change the default text. Once you are done, click “Save.” 


Note: If you are having a problem with changing the default intro email text, contact WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

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