WorkSpan Feb'23 Releases - v167.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Configuring Actions for specific user groups. WorkSpan allows you to map user attributes to enable actions for a particular set of people. This helps restrict visibility to all users and shows only when a user is authorized to do something. E.g., IF all users' roles = PAM (partner manager), then grant access to Approve objects from the table view. 
  • Enhanced input field UX to capture information. Consider adding critical points while discussing something important with your colleagues and partners on the cadence call. These points/notes can be used later for understanding and reviewing them to run as action items. The powerful capability gives you a user-friendly interface to edit information across multiple rows simultaneously and save them instantly. It helps reduce the number of clicks and navigation required to perform specific tasks, thereby saving time and providing real-time updates. Furthermore, you can drag the “Edit” box to expand it per your requirement. It provides text-formatting options like - bold, italics, strikethrough, add bullet points and hyperlinks to text, etc., as shown in the image below.

  • Ability to hide metric. Sometimes metrics are created to generate a calculated metric on top of it or use it as a constraint check during create/edit form. These metrics do not need to be shown on the UX and can be hidden (select the checkbox in the image) to make it less cluttered and maintain specificity on the table view. You can view the hidden metrics by clicking on the “Settings” icon as shown below:

  • Sequencing of metrics. Metrics on the table view can now be reorganized based on your preferences to show the metrics/KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at first glance. The listing helps your partner users quickly access the key metrics from all across the company and display meaningful insights.

  • Show/hide “Save for later” in forms. The “Save for later” (default) option permits you to save filled data that you may wish to use in the future. However, in a few cases, you can now customize it to hide/remove this button where you want to fill in values and submit the form instantly. To enable this, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

  • Support for filters at columns in Table view. Apply additional filters in a table view (object listing page and reports) to display the desired filtered values from existing data. This dynamic view gives you a clear view of a desired subset of data you want to focus on/review.  To get started with this feature, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

  • Ability to search in Reports. You can now enter keywords in a report to search and only display the records containing the text you searched for. No need to navigate through multiple pages and get results in a few clicks. The search feature now works on three columns, i.e., WS-ID, Object Name (e.g., Sales Plan, Lead, etc.) and CRM-ID in the table. To enable this, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

  • ​​Red dot indicator for pending actions. The enhanced UX for WorkCenter now comes along with a little dot (red) next to each action item. This helps you identify the objects (for instance, “Activity,” “Opportunity,” - to name a few) from the homepage easily that need immediate attention and proceed accordingly. E.g., “Add PoC Document” to an “Activity” by clicking the action button from the “Requests” section in the WorkCenter. 

  • Execute actions based on the Date constraint check. Add real-time business logic to compare dates with metric values and execute action buttons accordingly. For instance, you can add constraint checks in Business Process Actions (BPA) to benchmark current “Date” and “Date-time” fields with “Date” and “Date-time” metrics. If “Current date: 11 Feb” < “Claim submission deadline date: 13 Feb”,  then show “Submit Claim” button. 
  • Update all the associated child objects in one go. The powerful capability enables you to take immediate actions on all the associated objects for a parent object at one go. For example, A Sales plan contains five (5) Opportunities that need a “Stage” update from “Engaged” to “Won.” No need to navigate to individual opportunities and change stage. Instead, with a few configuration changes in Business Process Actions, you can now update all of them straight away. Reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit to apply the configuration changes.
  • Rearranging field values in the Create/Edit form. The enhancement provides you the flexibility of defining the order of reference fields in the “Create/Edit” form for your partner users to show the most relevant fields at the top.

  • Allowing multiple actions with one trigger.  Customize the object creation flow by configuring actions one after another. This allows you to optimize the entire process with a sequential flow of actions per your business needs. For example, add an action to create an “Activity” and then add requests. In addition to further requests, add supporting documents and finally submit the activity.

Note: You can decide what colors to use for your action buttons while configuring them.

  • Improved date fields. The error message is now displayed below the date field. The fields contain an outline to highlight the section, and the dropdown arrow is not overlapping with the field. This UI enhancement has been done to make your user experience easy and intuitive.

Bug Fixes

  • Earlier multiple values selected in a reference field in the “Create/Edit” form did not provide a consolidated list of values in the corresponding next filter. This issue has been fixed and now the next fields in the form are populated based on previously chosen field values.
  • Fixed issue related to splits and weighted amounts not populating in custom reports.
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