WorkSpan Salesforce App V.1.12.1 Releases


Bug Fixes

  • Removed the validation on the ‘Customer Software Value’ field within SaaS Documentation Component so that a value greater than 120,000 USD can be saved within a component.
  • Removed ‘Launch (Pending)’ value for ‘Last Sync from Salesforce to WS’ field and the corresponding message when the Referral was uploaded as a historical recording to show the user that no actions are required from the ACE side.
  • Fixed the bug with having ‘LINKED’ Referrals as not submitted so that all ‘LINKED’ Referrals are shown as submitted to WS.
  • Added ignoring of the null values coming from WS for a list of Microsoft-specific fields not to trigger validation errors on the SFDC side:
    1. Help Needed from Microsoft
    2. Customer Contact Email
    3. Customer Contact First Name
    4. Customer Contact Last Name
    5. Customer Contact Phone
    6. Customer Contact Title
  • Fixed the bug with the default mapping for the co-sell-specific fields. Previously, the values were populated for all the Referrals on the org (in case the user has two or more co-sells), causing validation errors. The default values for the co-sell-specific fields are now assigned only to the corresponding co-sell-specific Referrals.
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