High Priority Notifications


High Priority Notifications in WorkSpan are field-specific alerts that can update you on changes made to your WorkSpan objects by users or by integrations. You can use High Priority Notifications if you want to carefully track changes to certain key fields like Close Date or Deal Amount.

Locations of High Priority Notifications

High Priority Notifications appear in three places in WorkSpan, ensuring that users will not miss an important update:

1. WorkCenter Notifications


High Priority Notifications will appear in the High Priority tab of the Notifications section in the WorkCenter. You can mark individual notifications as "read" by hovering over one of them and clicking "Mark as Read", or you can click "Mark All as Read" to dismiss all. (Marking a notification as read in the WorkCenter will also mark it as read in other locations.)

2. Table View & Summary Panel Notifications


When you have a High Priority Notification, you will see an orange "i" (Info) icon next to the row for the object in a linked objects table. When you click on that row, you will see a purple notification banner at the top of the summary panel, with one or more High Priority Notifications. Clicking "Mark as Read" will dismiss all notifications within the banner and clear those notifications from the WorkCenter.

Pro Tip: If you see a red dot on the column header of the Info column in the table view, you can click on the column header to sort by which rows have pending notifications. Sort by Descending to bring all rows with notifications to the top of the list.

3. Activity Log


All High Priority Notifications are permanently recorded in the Activity Log. If you have unread High Priority Notifications, clicking into the Activity Log counts as reading the notifications and will dismiss them from other areas of the app.

Supported Object Types

High Priority Notifications can be configured for the following object types:

  • Partner Programs
  • Sales Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Solutions


  • This feature must be configured by WorkSpan Professional Services. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@workspan.com to inquire about enabling this feature.
  • High Priority Notifications are configured at the company level, meaning that all users within an organization will receive the same configuration for this feature.
  • High Priority Notifications can be configured as Shared or Private. If they are Shared, all members of the object will receive the alert when a High Priority field is changed. If Private, then only users from the same company will receive the notifications. Hiding Private Fields will also hide private High Hriority Notifications from the WorkCenter, linked object tables, and summary panels.
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