December 2020 Updates


New Features in December 2020

Microsoft Partner Center Integration for Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Collaboration

We are excited to announce the integration with Microsoft Partner Center, the platform for partners to manage their relationship with Microsoft.  Partners in Microsoft ecosystem can now leverage the advanced planning and collaboration capabilities in WorkSpan, assured that the deal data is automatically shared with Microsoft at the right time. 

Bi-directional integrations ensure that referrals in Partner Center are synced with opportunities in WorkSpan and eliminate dual data entry across the platforms.

  • Receive a referral from Microsoft in Partner Center, referral is imported into WorkSpan, invite additional partners on WorkSpan to run a collaborative deal cycle and send updates back to Microsoft as the deal progresses. 
  • Start a pre-pipeline deal in WorkSpan, qualify and collaborate with partners. When the deal matures and you are ready to share the deal with Microsoft, submit the referral to Microsoft Partner Center from within WorkSpan.

Host a Microsoft P2P Program on WorkSpan, learn more about the offering on Microsoft Appsource Marketplace.

Learn more about the Integration.

High Priority Notifications

You can now configure field-specific alerts for user-initiated changes or updates by integrations such as an update from CRM. These notifications appear in your WorkCenter, in your object tables, and can be accessed from the object's Activity Log at any time.

When partners or your sales teams update key fields such as Close Date or Deal Amount, you are instantly notified. Use these insights to stay up-to date on the deal progress, ensure all teams are informed and aligned, accelerate the deal lifecycle. No more cumbersome spreadsheet comparisons to keep track of these updates. 

Learn more about High Priority Notifications.


Improved Tasks User Experience

Tasks in WorkSpan are getting a makeover! We’ve made Tasks faster, easier to use, and more powerful. Here are some of the upgrades you’ll see:

  • Performance and UX improvements for your My Tasks page: Lightning fast loading times and a sleek new Table View to help you manage as many Tasks as you can handle.
  • Task Statuses and Priorities have been simplified to 3 options each. Goodbye, decision fatigue!
  • We’ve streamlined the Add/Edit Task form, making the essential fields easier to access and laying to rest a few things that just got in the way.
  • New “Watchers” capabilities: Keep everyone on the same page by adding yourself or other users as Watchers to a task. Add and remove Watchers in bulk from the table view or from the task summary panel.
  • Bulk Actions: Task table views now allow you to Mark Done, Archive or change the Due Date, Assignee, Status, Priority, and Watchers on many tasks at once.
  • Improved Comments interface.... and so much more!

This feature will be available to all users in the product shortly. Look out for an in-product notification that will alert you when it is rolled out.

Click here for an Overview of Tasks.

December 2020 Release Notes

This is a list of additional enhancements and fixes that were delivered in the December releases.



2986 A faulty interaction when dragging a column out of a table to remove it from the view has been fixed.
3381 An issue was fixed with some pop-up notifications, where the message showed a translation string instead of the appropriate message copy.
3556 An issue was fixed that was causing some duplicate Opportunities to be created.
3794 An issue was fixed that caused some reports to get stuck in loading during a refresh.
3823 Loading times were improved for summary panels on reports, and for openings objects from report summary panels.
3827 Performance improvements were made to speed up the time to clone objects.
3838 Updates were made to error handling when a user clicks on a deleted object. Instead of redirecting the user to the homepage, we will keep you on the same page or send you back to the previous page.
3846 An issue was fixed where some users were unable to edit dropdown menu fields on Marketing Campaigns.
3850 Improved loading times to handle large Line Item data volumes in a Sales Plan.
3888 Fixed a bug that was resulting in Campaigns not being displayed in the Funding view of Marketing Program.
3891 A broken "Search" feature in the Edit Team Members modal was repaired.
3901 A concurrency error that prevented claims from being updated was fixed.
3914 A performance issue that slowed down or prevented Owners from sharing Reports was fixed.
3919 A bug that impacted auto-creation of Opportunities was fixed.
3921 An issue was fixed that caused deleted objects to appear in search results.
3928 An issue that prevented Templates from being shared with Partner Programs was fixed.
3979 Performance improvements were made to Opportunity reports which will provide faster loading times when the Opportunities are associated to large numbers of Sales Plans.
4040 A numeric indicator has been added to the Tasks tab on objects to indicate the count of Tasks present on the object.
3928 Addressed an error that was preventing sharing an object template with a large number of partner programs.
4007 For users from a company that has not been provisioned for the Accounts feature, the Accounts menu item will not be displayed.
4012 When setting the Account link for Opportunity to be a required field via the Workflow configuration, an error was being encountered and this is now fixed.


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