WorkSpan Mar'23 Releases - v168.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Auto-populating multiple fields makes data entry faster. Filling up a form manually can be tiring and lead to inaccurate data inputs. To prevent this, WorkSpan has deployed a mechanism to auto-match data input (e.g., a field value) in the “Create/Edit” form with system data and instantly fill out its corresponding values. It not only helps you fill out forms faster but also ensures accurate data entry.

Example - Add the “Customer ID” in the Create/Edit form. The system will auto-match the value from existing customer data and auto-populate related field values, such as customer name, address, region, etc., in the form.

  • Ability to enable/disable comments on objects. WorkSpan allows you to enable/disable the “Comments” section (Overview page, WorkCenter, and Summary Panel) of an object per your business requirements. Disabling comments on a low-priority project can help you prevent spamming from receiving irrelevant messages. On the other hand, enabling comments on critical projects encourages your partner users to contribute their ideas and collaborate effectively to drive business growth.

  • Conditional operators in WorkSpan. You can now compare two values by adding the “Not Equal to (!=)” operator while configuring the action button and showing the button to the user only when the result is true, i.e., both values are unequal.  When both values are equal, the action button is hidden/not shown to the user. For instance, configure an action button - when the partner != AWS, display an action button to your users to allow them to send data to SFDC.
  • Custom action button to clone specific objects. Cloning an object (e.g., Sales Plan, Opportunity, etc.) is now more effortless with a simple tap on an action button. You can customize it to provide options to your users to select what fields should be cloned based on your business needs. You can define access criteria to show the button only when relevant to your users. It is the most efficient way to recreate an object with all applicable data and attributes and use it for a different project. 
  • Restrict email-based file uploads to authorized domains only.  For inbound integration, you will now get an additional option to add email domains to validate the sender email and accept email requests from only those external domains that are specified in your allowlist. This mechanism is aimed at making your process of sending files via email addresses more secure and robust. In case this validation is not required, you can leave the list empty/blank, and email requests from any domain will be accepted. You can simply enter multiple domains in this format, for e.g.,, etc. in “Email Domain” to authorize them for sending files as shown in the image below: 

  • Enabling multi-currency validation for “Goal” and “Metric.”  Improved handling of multiple currencies so that your goal & metric are in the same currency. Now you will get proper validation when you try to mix various currencies. For instance, the Goal is displayed with a currency mismatch message when its currency value differs from metric currency.  

Bug Fixes

  • The stage IDs were populated instead of stage names on the “Recent Card” for Leads (homepage). The respective stage is now displayed next to WS-ID of a lead after the bug fix.
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