How to Bulk Upload files during integration



There are two ways to bulk upload files as mentioned below:

1. By clicking on "Integration" on the hamburger menu

2. By clicking on the "Action button" 

This article gives you detailed steps on how to bulk upload files from "Integration" menu on WS platform.

Steps for bulk uploading files

Step 1: Choose “Integrations” from the hamburger menu. 

Step 2: Now, you will be able to view the list of Integrations. You may choose “Salesforce Inbound Integration”. 

 Step 3: Click on the “Import Data” button on the Salesforce Inbound Integration page.  

Step 4: To import data from your CRM to WorkSpan, choose the file to upload. Data can be integrated into WorkSpan through Inbound Integration.

Step 5: The success message will appear on the screen. 

Click on “History” tab and you will see the status of the recently uploaded file. 

Note: The file uploaded will be captured in the staging table as an Opportunity as shown in Integration parameter in Step 3. 

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