WorkSpan Apr'23 Releases - v169.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Auto-calculation of the number of days in a current stage. An object (e.g., Opportunity) can be in a stage for a certain number of days, and there is no progress. WorkSpan has built a powerful mechanism to auto-calculate the duration of an opportunity stage and populate its age on the UI. With this enhancement, you can get insights, take instant action on opportunities, and drive progress to achieve business goals. For instance, if an opportunity is in the “Identified” stage = 30 days, move it to the closed stage.

  • Make quality business decisions. You can add multiple business logic per requirements and calculate the age for an object like lead, opportunity, etc. The automated process is aimed at making your business process easier by counting and displaying the number of days with no further manual intervention.  You can take preemptive measures to avoid unforeseen situations in a business setting. For instance, find Opportunities that do not have a partner manager assigned for three (3) days; assign partner managers to these opportunities and start engaging with prospects to convert them into customers.


  • Control Business Actions based on Calculated Metrics. You can now add conditions while configuring an action button to show based on the metric value. For instance, if the number of Claims created is less than 5, allow users to add a new Claim, i.e., show the “Add Claim” button on the parent object’s overview page. To enable this, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit
  • Ability to update Partner Program in Reports. WorkSpan has added the flexibility to update the filter for Partner Program in an existing saved report/ while cloning a report. You can add / remove multiple Partner Programs, as shown in the image below. This helps you change the scope of existing report data and create a comprehensive report for all the selected partner programs in one go.

  • History tracking for uploaded documents. With this enhancement, you will see who made the change on the attachment (e.g., .pdf, .jpg, .png files) and the date when it was uploaded. Additionally, you can view the file by clicking on it and download the file to use it offline whenever required.

  • Set your timezone preferences in WorkSpan. This powerful capability allows you to show WS objects per your timezone to plan your business activities accordingly. In case, you do not wish to change the timezone, it will take the default time zone to UTC.

    To enable this, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

  • Configurable summary panel components. WorkSpan allows you to enable / disable various sections within the summary panel (Comments, Tasks, etc.) of an object per your business requirements. With this ability, you can control sharing of critical information and restrict visibility to your partner company users. For instance, disabling comments can help you prevent spamming from receiving irrelevant messages on a low-priority project. 

You can reach out to WorkSpan support via email at or visit to customize the Summary panel per your business needs.


  • Workflow stage transition access for “Participants.” Updating the stage for a WS object is essential as it provides greater visibility to your partner users on its progress. Partner companies with not only “Owners/Collaborators” access but also “Participant” access can now move the workflow stage successfully. This makes the process easier and more manageable for any partner company user with no further delay in changing and reflecting the updates to them.
  • Show/hide “Share” button.  You can now restrict/control sharing of an object (e.g. Program) to your partner users with no further need to send an invite manually. It helps in protecting data and preventing data breaches.


You can hide the Share button by simply checking the box in the Template Configuration (Overview tab) of the Object, as shown in the image below: 

  • Hiding the “Change Log” component. WorkSpan allows you to enable/disable the entire “Change Log” component of an object per your business requirements. With this ability, you can limit sharing of critical information with every partner user. For instance, you do not want to show who approved / rejected the claim to your partner as the change log component contains all details. You can simply hide the “Change Log” panel for this project not to reveal the stakeholders (in the log history) involved in the approval / rejection of a claim approval process.
  • Configure "Today's date" in Email Scheduler. Emails are now sent with the current date in the email content (e.g., MDF statement with date) to your partner user. The statement usually summarizes all the transactions during a time period.  Below is a sample image that shows the statement with multiple transactional values, e.g., the “Fund Period,” “Provider MDF Balance.” The statement usually comprises other elements as well, like “Activities that are pending action,” “Claims that are Pending Action,” “Payments,” etc. 

    To configure this, contact WorkSpan support via email at or visit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs related to the ‘%’ symbol not being displayed next to the ‘percentage’ field values and restricted the decimal value to two (2) digits. For example, ‘Split % value = 66.67%’ instead of ‘Split % value = 66.6666666’ is now shown on the top card of the overview page.
  • Removed comma separator in the Number type fields that were populated on entering numbers while creating an object like Deals. 
  • Fixed issue related to uploaded opportunity getting linked to two Sales Plans instead of one. 



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