Bulk Update Fields using Bulk Actions in real-time


This article gives you detailed information about how to bulk edit/update fields for an object (E.g., an Opportunity) using “Bulk Actions”.

Use Case

Change the Name and Description of all the selected objects in the table view. 

How to edit / update fields in bulk?

You can bulk update fields for objects (let’s say Opportunity) in two ways:

  • From a parent object (e.g., Sales Plan) where the Opportunities (child object) are linked
  • From the Opportunity table view

Note: You can have a single action button to perform a task either on a single field or multiple fields. 

Consider this example to update the description for the “Opportunities” listed in a Sales Plan:

Step 1: Go to “Sales Plan” and click on the “Opportunities” tab.

Step 2: Click on “Bulk Actions” and select “Only Description” to update the Description field. Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 3: Select the “Opportunities” you want to update and click “Apply”. For instance, select four (4) opportunities from the table view as shown below:

Step 4: The “Edit” popup box will appear. Now, enter the description and click on “Apply Action”.

Step 5: You will be shown the progress bar for all the selected opportunities in real-time.


Once the actions have been performed, click on “Acknowledge”. 

Step 6: It might take a few seconds to display the changes automatically. Or, you can simply “Refresh” the page to see the changes. 

Below is the screen that appears after executing the actions successfully.

Note: To configure “Bulk Update Fields”, contact WorkSpan Support via email at support@workspan.com or visit support.workspan.com  

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