Bulk Actions: Expanding business with faster actions


What are Bulk Actions? 

As more data is created in your programs or KPIs are updated for your program e.g., you add a new KPI for the next fiscal year, you need to make quick updates on Views and Metrics; add descriptions; move stage across all objects in a program or partnership. However, completing the same action multiple times can be tedious and time-consuming. Bulk actions allow you to take actions in bulk/mass, ensuring consistency and thereby growing business as you continue to achieve expected business outcomes simultaneously.

Intended audience

  • Configuration: Professional Services or Company Admin
  • Users: All business users

Benefits of Bulk Action

  • Increased efficiency: Bulk actions allow you to perform a task on multiple items at once, which can save time and reduce the amount of repetitive work.
  • Improved accuracy: It reduces the risk of errors that may occur when performing the same task repeatedly.
  • Better organization: It helps in organizing and categorizing large amounts of data, making it easier to find and manage.
  • Flexibility: Bulk actions can be used in a variety of settings, from managing customer emails and contacts to building partnerships for co-selling.

Supported Bulk Actions

  • Set-field-value: This option enables you to add input value (description, etc.) in multiple objects at a time and save it in bulk. To know more, click here
  • Send-email: You can send emails to your contact list within minutes using bulk actions.
  • Move-project-and-child-stage: It allows you to update the progress of your objects like opportunities, etc., by moving stages in bulk.
  • Link data to object: It helps in linking the parent object to several child objects of the same type with no hassle. For example, linking a Sales Plan to various Opportunities.
  • Send data to MPC: This can be used to transfer data from WorkSpan to MPC in bulk.

How to configure it?

To enable “Bulk Actions”, contact WorkSpan Support via email at support@workspan.com or visit support.workspan.com  

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