WorkSpan Web App & Salesforce App Releases_V.1.13


New Features and Enhancements

1. Easy Referral launch. You can now launch any Amazon referral (even those with Customer Software Value larger than $120,000) from within Salesforce.

2. Get notifications about Referrals. You can now receive in-app notifications about various Referral events. The package includes multiple OOTB in-app notifications for incoming and outgoing Amazon and Microsoft referral notifications.

  • A configuration page to toggle notifications on and off for specific events.
  • Sends a notification to Account Manager, Partner Manager, and Opportunity Owner tagged on the Referral.

3. Enhanced error handling. Added automated retry mechanisms on the WorkSpan—SFDC integration side to display the errors, warnings, and messages produced during Integration. Furthermore, the error log includes a timestamp and a message that states the event of the error.  It helps in improved debugging and provides a clear and concise message to handle errors.

4. Deleting a Referral. Referrals deleted in WorkSpan (as Opportunities) are also deleted in SFDC. Typically, it is used for data clean-up, which requires coordinating the deletion of data on both sides manually until now. However, with this feature, the data clean-up will be done only in WS and it will also handle the clean-up in the SFDC app. To know more, see 2.17. Deleting referrals.  

5. More AWS Contacts.

Added the following contacts:

  1. Partner Success Manager 
  2. ISV Success Manager (ISM) 

Above new contacts are added to the Partner tab, for Amazon Referrals. To know more, see: Contact Details LWC.

6. Customized Contacts Component. Consolidated all the contacts in a new Contact Details component to list all the contacts from my company and the partner company. It helps in strengthening the interaction with potential partners and keeps track of all the contacts available for each referral. 

7. Structured Flow. The Referral Details page is categorized into sections for ease of reading. It enhances user experience making it easier for users to find and engage with the content and serves as a roadmap for referral navigation. 

8. Permissions Enhanced. Added a new permission set (WorkSpan Auto-create Referral from Opportunity) for users who should only be able to create Referrals from Opportunities via auto-create (using the Flow). It helps create and update Referrals from the Opportunity, i.e., triggering the dedicated flows without access to objects used within the package. Read this article for more details.

9. Streamlined submission process. Improved the submit flow to show only the fields required for successful submission. Increasing the chance that the form will get saved with a minimized effort. Many aspects contribute to these, but marking the required fields with an asterisk (and, optionally, the optional ones) is easy to address.

10. An easy-to-access list of all referrals that failed in submission. Created a new list view with Referrals that are “Pending for Submission.” A specific number of Opportunity Referrals can be displayed by restricting the selection criteria. 

11. Added a report showing opportunities that do not have any referrals. Referral reports can be generated for incoming and outgoing referrals awaiting referral. This facilitates the decision-making and planning about a specific referral. To learn more, see reports (Refer 2.5. Reports and Dashboards).

12. Incorporated recent ACE changes released by the ACE team in the last week of April-2023.

  • Added expiry date in the Referral UI. The user can accept or decline the referral within the specified timestamp. The Accept and Decline button will become inactive once the timestamp has passed, i.e., when the user has neither accepted nor declined the referral, the timestamp will expire.

  • Added APN Review Comments in the Referral UI. A warning message that states the review comments from the partner when the action status is set to required. 

  • Updated field values as “NULL” when “Is Opp from Marketing Activity” is marked as “No”. The fields such as Marketing Activity Channel, Marketing Activity Usecase and AWS Marketing Salesforce Campaign Name are updated to null in the additional partnering fields for AWS.

  • Modified the help text. In the Edit Opportunities Details section, the help text for the Campaign Name field has been modified i.e., “APN Program that influenced this opportunity. Shown as APN Programs on ACE Pipeline Manager”.

13. Enabling Microsoft Solutions. You can now auto-create or bulk-create new Microsoft referrals by adding Microsoft Solutions to it. Additionally, you can add/delete a solution whenever required.

14. Upgraded the Workflow Stages.The workflow stages in WorkSpan are simplified. It has four stages: Identified, Referred, Active and Closed. Formerly referred to as "Identified when Ready for Submit is Yes", has been renamed "Referred". The ones marked as "Identified when Ready for Submit is No" has now been updated to "Identified". The categories of Accepted, Engaged, and Partial Won have now been renamed to "Active" as the Opportunity has been accepted and is live. In the same way, "Closed" has replaced "Won", "Lost", "Done", and "Discontinued" as there will be no more action items. In the case of upcoming potential opportunities, the customer can use the updated stages. However, in the case of older opportunities, WorkSpan recommends upgrading to newer stages. For filtering purposes, these stages are also included in the report.

15. As an alternative to sending all the fields from WorkSpan to ACE, WorkSpan sends just those updated fields that ACE is allowed to update based on the opportunity referral stage.

16. Mapping Custom Values. Apart from choosing a value from the listed category, if the user enters a custom value for the field “Industry”, the value will be considered for mapping. 

17. Managing Referral Contacts. Instead of searching for contact details in WorkSpan, users can reach out directly to the AWS contact person from Salesforce. As part of the AWS Specific Fields of an Opportunity Referral in the SFDC app, the following contact fields have been added.

  1. AWS Partner Success Manager Name
  2. AWS Partner Success Manager Email
  3. AWS ISV Success Manager (ISM) Name
  4. AWS ISV Success Manager (ISM) Email
  6. WWPS PDM Email

18. Updated Referral Status. For Partners who have an Incoming Referral with status as “Pending” and it’s past the referral acceptance date defined in it, the system automatically changes the Status of a pending referral to “Expired”. 

19. By utilizing WorkSpan's value mapping mechanism, you can now translate values from a partner system without navigating to field-level details.

20. Renamed Referral Details section to Referral Sales Details.

21. Fields have been reorganized for better readability. The following fields have been moved to Referral Information section:

  • Referral Status
  • Referral Status Change Reason
  • Referral Sent On
  • Referral Received On
  • Referral Expiration Date

22. Amazon Referrals can now be searched using APN CRM Unique Identifier from the referral list page.

23. Minor UX improvements. 

  •  Relabeled ‘Created on’ field to “WS Created Date” to give you a clear understanding of the referral being created in WS on a particular date.
  •  New fields in the Referral Edit layout will allow you to see who created the Referral and when the user last modified it.
  •  Improved labels on the Field Mapping page under the WS Admin tab indicate the purpose behind each column for referral creation. Also, the newly-added note is about “Opportunity Referral fields” used for populating default values when creating new referrals.  

Bug Fixes

  1. Removed deprecated fields such as "Active Co-Sell Partners" and "Passive Co-Sell Partners" from all the layouts. [v1.13.3]
  2. Improved field validations depending on the field's value "is Opportunity From Marketing Activity." [v1.13.3]
  3. Remove automatic removal of value from "is Marketing Development Funded" field when "is Opportunity from Marketing Activity" is set to "no." [v1.13.3]
  4. AWS Contract Vehicle is now required for all countries for any referral shared with Amazon when “Industry” = “Government” OR “Education”. [v1.13.3]
  5. RFx / Solicitation Number will be a required field only when Industry = “Government” OR “Education”. [v1.13.3]
  6. Hide “Launch in ACE” and “Mark as Lost” buttons when the integration fails in AWS ACE. [v1.13.3]
  7. Reduced ACE Calls. In order to maintain optimum performance and ensure software resources are used effectively, a new mechanism is introduced to avoid unnecessary ACE calls when the data in the opportunity has already been processed. [v1.13.3]
  8. The stage of a referral object will move from “Mark as Lost” to “Closed Lost” when the opportunity is closed on the ACE. [v1.13.3]
  9. “WorkSpan Integration User” Permission Set now has sufficient permissions for correct functionality OOTB. [v1.13.3]
  10. The validations on Referral are no longer triggered when a referral is created/updated either via auto-create flow or via the integration. [v1.13.3]
  11. In the resubmission process for Amazon referrals, previously missed validation is added. [v1.13.3]
  12. Due to the limitation on the size of the dynamic dashboard and required additional installation steps to be performed every time., it has been changed to a static dashboard. [v1.13.4]
  13. Fixed bug related to inbound referral with Microsoft solutions not being sent to WS. [v1.13.5]
  14. For Microsoft referrals, ‘Partner Referral status’ was not populated on the UI. This issue has been resolved. [v1.13.5]
  15. Removed the error message when navigating to the ‘Opportunity Referral Field Mapping’ tab in WorkSpan Admin. [v1.13.5]
  16. Moved buttons (“Restore Defaults” and “Edit”) above for taking quick actions instead of requiring scrolling till the end of the page to improve user experience. [v1.13.5]
  17. Fixed the usability issue by showing only the most relevant integration message on the Referral page. [v1.13.5]
  18. A few fields were missing in the reports for ‘Opportunity with Referrals’ and  ‘Referrals with Partner Data’, which have been added in this release. [v1.13.6]
  19. Removed pending status for Launched/Lost status when an outgoing referral was sent back from WS to SF. [v1.13.6]
  20. Fixed a bug that did not send a notification for re-submitting a Referral to a partner like Amazon / Microsoft. You can now receive notifications for referral resubmissions. [v1.13.6]
  21. Fixed a bug where the auto-updating process failed when deleting 'Application Users' on the WS side. [v1.13.6]
  22. Referral resubmission for (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) is now updated with a resubmission status message, unlike the pending status previously. [v1.13.6]
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