WorkSpan May'23 Releases - v170.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Customizable action buttons. This enhancement allows you to configure multiple components in the action buttons, like the form title, button label, etc., per business needs. The user-friendly form provides your users with clear messaging about the form, as you can rename the form, add tooltips on fields wherever required, and give a suitable label to the action button. You can also choose whether to show empty fields or not on the form.

  • Ability to restrict the number of characters/numbers in a field. WorkSpan has enabled field validations based on a certain format that can be configured while creating an object (e.g., Sales Plan, Opportunities, etc.)  per business needs. You can put restrictions on logical field values and add custom business rules. For instance, there are certain numeric/alpha-numeric identity numbers in Incentive programs like Booking Ref Number should be “ORAN-XXX-XXX-XXX” which needs to have an exact number of characters/digits to reduce free text entry errors. With this validation in place, when a user enters an incorrect field value, it matches the defined format and shows an error with proper messaging. 

To enable this, reach out to WorkSpan Support via email at or visit

  • Restricting edit access in specific Workflow stages. You can now disable Add/Edit and Delete access once an object (Opportunity, Sales Plan, etc.) reaches a certain stage. This is specific to the section list and/ or related “Object” only. It can be achieved by changing the access as per your requirement for a Workflow stage. It enables you to add multiple business logic and control information sharing and permit edit access for assigned stakeholders only. 

  • Decluttered association policies. The Object Association Policies tab in the Policies section has been improved to give you organized and neatly tucked policies with details in respective columns. Additionally, you can now export the list of policies in .csv and .xlsx files, and share it with your company and partner users. 

  • Ensuring seamless user experience while creating multiple objects. You might require to create various “Requests” for an “Activity” and have to go through multiple screens to complete each process. With this enhancement, you get fewer screens to act upon, and adding different Requests can now be executed faster and in a few seconds with reduced number of clicks. Furthermore, the improved UX displays the “Activity Allocation Summary” table and provides detailed insights on the amount allocated to each activity, the total Requested Amount, and the Remaining Amount yet to be allotted.  

  • Table View enhancement with stage-based filters. WorkSpan has built a capability to filter table view data based on WS workflow stages. It enables you to view a subset of data for a specific stage. For instance, you can see which opportunities have reached a certain stage and take appropriate actions.

  • Pre-populating field values from existing values. WorkSpan allows you to bring in data in a particular field via integration which can contain multiple options. One of the field values is then made default for your users to see that value. If they wish to change that default value, they can select their preference from the List of Values (LOVs) available for that field. This pre-selected value is helpful, wherein you don't want your users to enter the same data every time while creating multiple entries, thereby saving time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs related to unlinking of objects directly from the “Additional Information” of an object. You can now add/remove different linked objects in the Additional Information card. 
  • Previously, reports were not getting refreshed until you did it manually. This issue has been fixed, and the reports are now updated automatically.
  • Resolved the issue that prevented you from generating reports in some cases. You can now create reports of your desired projects through APIs and share them with your partners.
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