WorkSpan Co-Sell Platform for Dynamics


1. Overview

The WS-Dynamics Integration will allow collaborating on Deals/Opportunities right from within Dynamics CRM via WorkSpan and sharing those with Partners (such as Amazon and Microsoft); giving a unified view to the sales team about how the partner is engaging and contributing to the deal/opportunity.  

The solution supports sharing new referrals with Amazon or Microsoft directly from within Dynamics; sending updates on accepted referrals; and viewing the updates shared by ACE/MPC for opportunities linked to Dynamics deals. 

1.1. Why do you need to install this App?

There are three main benefits for installing this app

  1. It will help your Sales team receive and securely share the opportunities with partners from within your CRM without any manual work. 
  2. It will increase overall opportunities flow for your Sales team by 40% (based on our benchmarking across 50+ customers) which will help in increasing your co-sell pipeline and revenue. 
  3. It will automate all opportunity updates to and from your partners so that you can stay aligned with them each step of the way as you focus on closing more opportunities.

1.2. What do you need to do?

You need to follow below simple steps to install Dynamics:

  1. Install and configure Power Automate (see pt.4.1) (5 mins) - Power Automate is a connector that connects WorkSpan and Dynamics. In this step, you provide the WorkSpan integration IDs to allow data flow between Power Automate and WorkSpan.
  2. Switch on all the flows (see 4.2.1) (5 mins) - This step helps activate all the flows from Dynamics to the partner portal and vice versa.

Once Dynamics is installed, you need to do the following:

  1. Import historical data (see pt.5) into Dynamics  
  2. Test the configurations
    • Outbound flow (Create opportunity in Dynamics and sync to Workspan) (5 mins)
    • Update flow (Update opportunity in Dynamics or Opportunity in WorkSpan and check) (5 mins)

2. Relevant Documents and Links

Installation & Implementation Guide - Detailed guide to understand the architecture and how to setup the Dynamics CRM with WS.


Functional Guide - Detailed guide to understand the major use cases for business capabilities to co-sell using WorkSpan within your Dynamics CRM.


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